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Why? by jellyqueenie
Why did this happen. . . . Gon, why--

ughhhhh hunterxhunter is going to KILL ME---All of the Kirugon feels are just so awful and after the Chimera arc--

:icondesucraiplz: Nooo....but hey, that new opening though is pretty sweet. And Alluka is just the cutest darn thing.

Theme song:…;
Tokyo Ghoul by jellyqueenie
Tokyo Ghoul
I think. . . if the world is wrong, then the warped things must be everything that exists in the world.

I love Tokyo Ghoul so much--I started reading the manga first before I watched the anime and oh my goodness does it have

everything I've wished for: blood, guts, gore, and macabre--what more could anyone ask for? Kaneki-kun is such an interesting

character and the development he makes is super cool ( ; v ; ) I only hope the anime does it justice--
Hiem's Mansion: Anya by jellyqueenie
Hiem's Mansion: Anya
This is for :iconhiems-mansion: It was so much harder to write up her information than it was drawing her--although that was

hard to. Ughhh-- I don't know how many times I've redone this app four times in the course of many months. It took a long

time but here's Anya ( ; v ; ) She's a little off-putting at first, but she's a friendly girl, I promise! She all's bark and no bite--

Bullet; PurpleBasic Information

Name: Anya

Age: 21 years old (appearance) 

DOB: December 21st 

Height: 180 cm

Creature: Harpie

Tower: Void Tower

Bullet; PurpleNotable features: 
        -Has distinctive word markings that go from her wrists and extend all the way to her back. If you ever look at her back, its entirely covered with an entire passage all in a strange language.

        -She has long black nails curved at the edges for clean and precise incisions.

        -Her wings range from black to grey in the sunlight. Her shoes has the abilities to shapeshift into a pair of large talons bird's similar to a falcon or hawk.

Bullet; PurplePersonal Background

        -Books, Encyclopedias, Technology, Poetry

        -Metal Music

        -Video Games
        -Spicy Foods
Bullet; PurpleDislikes:
        -Water, Baths

        -People who get in the way of her experimentation

        -Stuffed Animals, Dolls, Puppets


Bullet; PurpleFears:
        -Drowning, Water

        -Cars, Moving Vehicles


        -The color green (she cringes at the sight of it, very mild and limited to vegetables exclusively)
Bullet; PurplePersonality:
        -Shy: Anya has never left the realms of hell her whole life so she is used to belonging in close-knit communities. She's not afraid to talk to people however that doesn't mean she's not comfortable. It takes her time to warm up to you.

        -Observant: Because she likes to keep to herself, she's very aware of her surroundings and who she affiliates with. She can definitely tell when someones upset or sad or whether they've changed their hair however she lacks a lot of common sense due to over analyzing everything and missing the small details.

        -Humble: She is very quiet about her achievements and opinons of others. Anya doesn't like all the attention and  sometimes this can come off as being humble and modest whereas other times, it can seem like she's being indifferent to the people around her.  

        -Blunt: Without meaning to, Anya can blurt out odd and somtimes rude things during the conversation. Sometimes its because she's just that awkward and to relieve the pent up tension can just blurt out unnecessary things. The other occasions however are just because she doesn't think before she speaks but this also makes her a honest and sincere person. Ask her about anything! She'll just tell you the truth.

        -Unruly: Anya has the utmost respect for authority and leader-figures however aside from that, she will do as she pleases. She can be wild and forget everything she was supposed to be focusing on just to attend to her indulgences. In that way, she's one-track minded and selfish. 
Bullet; PurpleHistory: 

       Anya was born on the winter solstice and grew up in the inner depths of hell by two very strict parents. Although she calls them

her parents, her original parents died during the great Holy Crusade fighting against the crusaders and priests in the name of their God

eons and eons ago. She was very involved in the hellion community, always helping out during the torturing duties and she never

minded taking over a shift in even taking care of Hades' dog, Cerebus. She liked animals, anyways; but she as decades came and went,

she grew up a quiet, content, and unfulfilled life within the confines of the underworld. However every day on her birthday, the longest

night of the year, she was able to escape the hellfires of hell and explore the world above. She was surprised at the human's 

technology, knowledge, and love of food (The normal harpie diet mostly consisted or raw meat, they never really understood the joy of

'cooking' their food. It was unnecessary to them.) And so, on her 21st birthday, on one of her nightly escapes--she just left hell and 

never came back. However as luck would have it, rumors had gotten out that a certain demon was using the portals without anyone

knowing. They began to initiate an inspection and discovered Anya but she began to tire out throughout the chase. She jumped without

thinking and fell in between the spaces of portals landing her straight into an world unknown even in the depths of hell: Hiem's

Mansion. Here, she decided, she would begin anew and search for herself and the future she yearned to attain. It was an odds and 

ends sort of place, but that fitted her nicely. It was a fresh new start. 

Bullet; Purple Abilities:

Fire Manipulation: Anya can control and create fire at will. She is still inexperienced at creating fires but it is not difficult for her to manage to control a fire that has already been lit. She can't exactly throw it with great aim or control it well, but she has managed somewhat.

Incantations: All harpies have an affinity for casting charms and curses on monsters and people alike, Anya's just not very good at it yet.

Skills and strengths: 

  -Heightened Senses:  Her senses are slightly above average than others and she is able to see at night.

        -Fire/Poison-resistant:  After spending so long in hell, she's able to resist fire and poison very well. 
        -Water:  She fears it and hates it. It is one of her stronger weaknesses.

        -Physically weak:  Ever since she was an infant, she's always had a weaker physical institution than the other hellions of demon. 

        -Bad Stamina:  Anya's not very athletic and will refuse to do anything that will make her sweat and whine leading her to have very little stamina. 

Bullet; Purple Roleplay Information

Chatroom Availability: I'm usually always in the chatroom, if not I'm either at school, working, or on Skype! 
IM Availability: I am always in Skype! Just note me, if your interested in rping, I prefer rping in Skype. 

Roleplay Preferences: I love roleplaying anything! From smut to gore to romance to AU's, I'm entirely open to anything such as but not limited to: AU's, Script-form, and Lit.-form

Roleplay Sample: 
Anya: *She twirled a lock of her hair between her index and thumb fingers. A look of embarrassment flickered across her features as she began to introduce herself. To the mirror.* Okay Anya...You can do this. *She gives a slight cough, mostly to ease the anxiety welling up inside of her rather than to clear her voice.*...Hello, I am Anya. May I ask. What. Your name is? *She spoke enunciating each word with emphasis and robotically.*....This is going to be hard. *She put her face against the mirror with an annoyed groan.*


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