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SH: Cordelia by jellyqueenie
SH: Cordelia

G E N E R A L  I N F O R M A T I O N 

NAME:  Cordelia Barkov

[ Human | Mage | Kindred | Lycamestre | Fae | Changeling | Mutant | Other ] (Bold the one that applies)

AGE: 21 years old

HEIGHT: 4' 11"

WEIGHT: 120 llbs.

OCCUPATION: Journalist


[ The Guards | The Red Willows | TBA | The Reinigen | Other ] (Bold the one that applies)


WITS: 30 | 50
RESOLVE: 35 | 50

STRENGTH: 20 | 50
DEXTERITY: 45 | 50
STAMINA: 35 | 50

PRESENCE: 25 | 50
COMPOSURE: 35 | 50

P E R S O N A L  I N F O R M A T I O N

VIRTUE: [ Charity | Faith | Fortitude | Hope | Justice | Prudence | Temperance ]

VICE: [ Envy | Gluttony | Greed | Lust | Pride | Sloth | Wrath ]

LIKES: Writing, Drawing , Fashion, Make-up, Cats, Smoking, Alcohol, Piano

DISLIKES: Dogs, Spicy/Bitter Foods, Loud Places, Controlling People, Fire, Children, Guns 

ABILITIES: Cordelia has the ability to draw things to life due to her pen. She substitutes blood instead of ink. Her blood has
magical contents in them that causes to give momentary animation in her drawings. Cordelia is only able to draw and control three 
of her drawing at a time within a 15 ft. radius.
PERSONALITY: / Kind / Stubborn / Devilish / Two-Faced / Impulsive / Psychotic / Pessimistic / Intelligent / Moody / Selfish / Arrogant / Prideful / Composed
        Cordelia comes off as kind and meek but that only scratches the surface for this young woman. Inside she holds darker thoughts
and killing tendencies which she masks with her sweet demeanor. She will use anything and everything at her disposal, her body and 

people, to achieve the things she wants. However those she holds close and dear are but few and far in between but those that she

loves she will protect with her life. Although it is very difficult for her to trust others, she is very smooth in having people trust her and 

befriend her. Sometimes she can be very flippant and impulsive, merely acting on her desires and needs at the moment. She will make 

many spontaneous decisions however they will usually be well-thought out. Cordelia is a control-freak in that sense where she has to 

control every aspect, every variable, and predict the outcome. 
        She is not very strong on her own however she uses her cunning and intelligence to manuevor around in a fight. Cordelia is very

flexible however and she is very quick on her feet to move and jump around. She likes to corner and play around with her prey before

causing their untimely demise. Although her physical strengths aren't her strong point, she is very adept at lying and scheming her way

out of things. Not all fights need physical altercations in Cordelia's mind. 

        She doesn't have much stamina and she doesn't have much physical strength. Her main problem is she is too overly confident in 

her abilities and takes too long fighting. If she loses too much blood, it could mortally wound her if she's not too careful. She is a part 

of a water based fae so she is very fearful and very weak to fire.
HISTORY: Cordelia lived with her loving mother and father, and experienced a period of wonderful, ignorant bliss. However the
the times were changing and many people were losing their jobs. Cordelia's father just happened to be the main provider for the house

hold and the strain was just far too much for the blissful trio to bear. Her father drank more and more, even though it was illegal he 

was desperate, to relieve the everyday stress and pain. This only brought out the darkness within her father causing him to lash out

at Cordelia's mother until she just couldn't take it. She just left randomly one day, with no note, no sense of good-bye's. From that day

on, Cordelia's father was in a permanent drunken state. He had no job so he relied on the pity of young women and used Cordelia as 

bait to do so. Cordelia witnessed her father commit atrocious acts upon these poor women but something was wrong with her. It didn't 

happen when her family fell apart, there was just something fundamentally wrong with her. Perhaps it began when she took small

animals and killed them just to see what their insides appeared like, perhaps it was when her father started committing acts of

nefarious natures and held no sympathetic feelings for them. Regardless, she had had enough with her father's schemes. It was the

usual scheme but the girl was different. Cordelia saw something in her that reminded her of the bliss she once shared with her family

before things fell apart. And right then and there, she did away with her father. Cordelia just reported him missing but it didn't matter,

no one really cared how or when the poor disappeared. She lived her life in peace wrecking havoc and chaos wherever she pleased,

until she met a Nic. Nic introduced her to Reinigen. He gave her an option in life that she never truly let herself believed in: hope. And

so, she began her life anew in Reinigen where she desired to work hard for a hopeful and brighter future than the ugliness that

surrounded her childhood and Saint's Hollow. 
        -She finds pleasure in pain and dishing out pain. 

        -Cordelia's really girly and loves silly trinkets. Especially antiques!

        -When drunk, she can be really needy and obedient. 

        -Very spontaneous and flippant, her moods are forever changing.

        -When her hair is down, it falls to her waist but she keeps it in a bun to remain meek and timid.

        -Her eyes are the color of bright acid when lit by a fire. 

Why? by jellyqueenie
Why did this happen. . . . Gon, why--

ughhhhh hunterxhunter is going to KILL ME---All of the Kirugon feels are just so awful and after the Chimera arc--

:icondesucraiplz: Nooo....but hey, that new opening though is pretty sweet. And Alluka is just the cutest darn thing.

Theme song:…;
Love Sandwich: Bebe by jellyqueenie
Love Sandwich: Bebe

I hope I get in ( ; v ; ) This group is so cute and I love the concept.

pick up line: 

"I'd like to stroke your strawberry. . ." 

name: Bebe Bagel 

bread: Bagel

topping: Strawberry Creme Cheese

birthday: March 1st

age: 19 years old

height: 153 cm / 5 3"

gender: Male

what you look for in your fellow bread: 

        - Spicy, exotic breads

        - A hard, patient loaf that can handle the toasty crunch interior inside

        - Put off by overly sweet breads but isn't afraid to try anything new
        - Fun, adventurous toasts  


        -Fashion and touching clothes

        -Action packed movies

        -Spicy/meaty foods

        -Reading books

        -Metal, punk rock music

        -Cuddling (He won't admit it but he's a huggy person)


        -Cold weather

        -Breads that like to tease


        -Anything athletic (a pretty lazy bread) 



        -Shy: Bebe is a pretty shy introvert of a loaf, he gets anxious and runs away whenever there are too many people talking all at once or he's overwhelmed.

        -Honest: He can be very honest. Ask him anything! But beware, he's a little too honest so he may tell you things you don't want to hear. Sometimes he can lack a lot of tact and can be rude or defensive whenever he's pushed too far. 

        -Stubborn:Bebe can be hard-headed even when the facts are staring him right in the face. He can be a tough son of a toast when he wants to be but patience and kindness will open him up in time. 

        -Pessimistic: When he's down in the dumps, he gets veerry down in the dumps and everything just swirls around him. He tends to pass out at this point. 

        -Kind: Even though he doesn't like to show it, he's actually a huge softie. 

addition info:

        -He actually really likes flowers.

        -Secretly carries candies in his pockets.

        -Has a slight complex about his height.

        -Really good at fishing but doesn't do it much. 

        -Special talent: sewing clothes    
Tokyo Ghoul by jellyqueenie
Tokyo Ghoul
I think. . . if the world is wrong, then the warped things must be everything that exists in the world.

I love Tokyo Ghoul so much--I started reading the manga first before I watched the anime and oh my goodness does it have

everything I've wished for: blood, guts, gore, and macabre--what more could anyone ask for? Kaneki-kun is such an interesting

character and the development he makes is super cool ( ; v ; ) I only hope the anime does it justice--
Hiem's Mansion: Anya by jellyqueenie
Hiem's Mansion: Anya
This is for :iconhiems-mansion: It was so much harder to write up her information than it was drawing her--although that was

hard to. Ughhh-- I don't know how many times I've redone this app four times in the course of many months. It took a long

time but here's Anya ( ; v ; ) She's a little off-putting at first, but she's a friendly girl, I promise! She all's bark and no bite--

Bullet; PurpleBasic Information

Name: Anya

Age: 21 years old (appearance) 

DOB: December 21st 

Height: 180 cm

Creature: Harpie

Tower: Void Tower

Bullet; PurpleNotable features: 
        -Has distinctive word markings that go from her wrists and extend all the way to her back. If you ever look at her back, its entirely covered with an entire passage all in a strange language.

        -She has long black nails curved at the edges for clean and precise incisions.

        -Her wings range from black to grey in the sunlight. Her shoes has the abilities to shapeshift into a pair of large talons bird's similar to a falcon or hawk.

Bullet; PurplePersonal Background

        -Books, Encyclopedias, Technology, Poetry

        -Metal Music

        -Video Games
        -Spicy Foods
Bullet; PurpleDislikes:
        -Water, Baths

        -People who get in the way of her experimentation

        -Stuffed Animals, Dolls, Puppets


Bullet; PurpleFears:
        -Drowning, Water

        -Cars, Moving Vehicles


        -The color green (she cringes at the sight of it, very mild and limited to vegetables exclusively)
Bullet; PurplePersonality:
        -Shy: Anya has never left the realms of hell her whole life so she is used to belonging in close-knit communities. She's not afraid to talk to people however that doesn't mean she's not comfortable. It takes her time to warm up to you.

        -Observant: Because she likes to keep to herself, she's very aware of her surroundings and who she affiliates with. She can definitely tell when someones upset or sad or whether they've changed their hair however she lacks a lot of common sense due to over analyzing everything and missing the small details.

        -Humble: She is very quiet about her achievements and opinons of others. Anya doesn't like all the attention and  sometimes this can come off as being humble and modest whereas other times, it can seem like she's being indifferent to the people around her.  

        -Blunt: Without meaning to, Anya can blurt out odd and somtimes rude things during the conversation. Sometimes its because she's just that awkward and to relieve the pent up tension can just blurt out unnecessary things. The other occasions however are just because she doesn't think before she speaks but this also makes her a honest and sincere person. Ask her about anything! She'll just tell you the truth.

        -Unruly: Anya has the utmost respect for authority and leader-figures however aside from that, she will do as she pleases. She can be wild and forget everything she was supposed to be focusing on just to attend to her indulgences. In that way, she's one-track minded and selfish. 
Bullet; PurpleHistory: 

       Anya was born on the winter solstice and grew up in the inner depths of hell by two very strict parents. Although she calls them

her parents, her original parents died during the great Holy Crusade fighting against the crusaders and priests in the name of their God

eons and eons ago. She was very involved in the hellion community, always helping out during the torturing duties and she never

minded taking over a shift in even taking care of Hades' dog, Cerebus. She liked animals, anyways; but she as decades came and went,

she grew up a quiet, content, and unfulfilled life within the confines of the underworld. However every day on her birthday, the longest

night of the year, she was able to escape the hellfires of hell and explore the world above. She was surprised at the human's 

technology, knowledge, and love of food (The normal harpie diet mostly consisted or raw meat, they never really understood the joy of

'cooking' their food. It was unnecessary to them.) And so, on her 21st birthday, on one of her nightly escapes--she just left hell and 

never came back. However as luck would have it, rumors had gotten out that a certain demon was using the portals without anyone

knowing. They began to initiate an inspection and discovered Anya but she began to tire out throughout the chase. She jumped without

thinking and fell in between the spaces of portals landing her straight into an world unknown even in the depths of hell: Hiem's

Mansion. Here, she decided, she would begin anew and search for herself and the future she yearned to attain. It was an odds and 

ends sort of place, but that fitted her nicely. It was a fresh new start. 

Bullet; Purple Abilities:

Fire Manipulation: Anya can control and create fire at will. She is still inexperienced at creating fires but it is not difficult for her to manage to control a fire that has already been lit. She can't exactly throw it with great aim or control it well, but she has managed somewhat.

Incantations: All harpies have an affinity for casting charms and curses on monsters and people alike, Anya's just not very good at it yet.

Skills and strengths: 

  -Heightened Senses:  Her senses are slightly above average than others and she is able to see at night.

        -Fire/Poison-resistant:  After spending so long in hell, she's able to resist fire and poison very well. 
        -Water:  She fears it and hates it. It is one of her stronger weaknesses.

        -Physically weak:  Ever since she was an infant, she's always had a weaker physical institution than the other hellions of demon. 

        -Bad Stamina:  Anya's not very athletic and will refuse to do anything that will make her sweat and whine leading her to have very little stamina. 

Bullet; Purple Roleplay Information

Chatroom Availability: I'm usually always in the chatroom, if not I'm either at school, working, or on Skype! 
IM Availability: I am always in Skype! Just note me, if your interested in rping, I prefer rping in Skype. 

Roleplay Preferences: I love roleplaying anything! From smut to gore to romance to AU's, I'm entirely open to anything such as but not limited to: AU's, Script-form, and Lit.-form

Roleplay Sample: 
Anya: *She twirled a lock of her hair between her index and thumb fingers. A look of embarrassment flickered across her features as she began to introduce herself. To the mirror.* Okay Anya...You can do this. *She gives a slight cough, mostly to ease the anxiety welling up inside of her rather than to clear her voice.*...Hello, I am Anya. May I ask. What. Your name is? *She spoke enunciating each word with emphasis and robotically.*....This is going to be hard. *She put her face against the mirror with an annoyed groan.*


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